So you’re not enjoying it as much…

He had a point.  Why was I checking fantasy football in the middle of the 45 minutes I set aside to developing the Advanced Group’s curriculum?

Because I’m a huge football fan?  Not particularly.

Because I knew my line-up needed changing?  Nope.

Have I already lost the enthusiasm for the entrepreneurial life?   No…have I?

No.  But I need to work harder.  I need to have more discipline.  I need to seek out challenges and enjoy the process of working through them.  I am comfortable right now and I am afraid to fail.

I feel like I’m being so critical of myself.

But we already have Winter Academy sign ups!  Not enough.

But we have 17 fantastic LITs!  Not enough.

But we’ve reached over 500 kids through our outreach!  Not enough.


Because I know we can do more.


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