October goals, what I’ve accomplished so far, what I need to get done

October Goals

  1.  Before going to bed, write down what I am going to do at certain times
  2.  Realize worrying whether I do exactly what I write down is useless

What I’ve (we’ve) accomplished so far

  1.  Solidified partnership with Danie Proby, my amazing co-founder.  Her passion for Ultimate and the kids is incredible.  You can see it through her social media and feel it when you coach with her and talk to her.
  2. Logo completed and looking swaggy.  Shout out to Noah Kent.
  3. Attracted hundreds and thousands of social media attention through Pulls for Peace.  Raised $500 for Ultimate Peace
  4. Booked clinics with AR Lord, St. Patricks, Britannia, Stratford Hall, NSHL, Henderson Elementary and Queen Alexandra Elementary
  5. Booked gym for Elementary Academy

What needs to get done

  1.  Start planning for Spring Break Camps.  Build relationships with community centres, schools and parks
  2. Complete brochures that can be handed out to kids and parents after clinics
  3. Give the LIT participants the best experience possible
  4. Get more Vancouver parents and high school kids interacting with the brand
  5. Create a story people want to follow and interact with on social media

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