Day 1 of working for myself

I feel like I didn’t get a lot of work done today.  This might be one of my main struggles throughout this journey, always asking myself if I could have done more.  The answer will always be yes, but at what expense?  Where do I draw the line and how do I know if I’m spending too much time working on other things I want to achieve in my life (fluency in Spanish, a repertoire of memorized piano songs, represent Team Canada in Ultimate at the World Games and hopefully, Olympics) and not enough on the business?

I had created a schedule for myself but I’m realizing it’s pretty useless.  New things are going to come up everyday and mess up my set schedule so going forward, I’ll just stay flexible.

Today was my first of eight clinics with the North Shore Home Learners (NSHL) and as I told my parents, the only way it could have gone better is if they pulled out their cheque books right then and there.  The sun was shining, 35 smiling kids showed up to the fields and best of all, they had a blast.  Almost equally as important, tons of parents lined the field and saw how much of a blast their kids were having.  I met several parents and felt that even from that one clinic, I had given myself a huge jump-start to my brand, not so much in a business sense but more in a personal sense (although arguably, my brand is the business’ brand).

The best part of the day was realizing that I’m actually good at coaching and I enjoy doing it. I hadn’t coached in a while and seeing the kids get the hang of the backhand and run around during Galaxy Wars made me realize how much I missed coaching Ultimate.  Today was a great first step in the journey.


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