Undisciplined Progress

I said I was going to blog my journey but I didn’t.  I kept putting it off because I didn’t think it was important.  While perhaps the actual material isn’t important, I am disappointed in myself that I didn’t stay disciplined and blog throughout these past two months.  I have made significant progress in my business endeavour and I would like to share some updates.

Business Progress

As of September 2, 2016, UltiPros Ultimate Academy has been a legally registered business in British Columbia.  I am officially a sole proprietor.  No more “I’d like to start a business” or “It would be cool to start a business.”  I am an entrepreneur and I am proud that I am following through on my decision thus far.


These past two months have been characterised by relationship building, although I am starting to realise that the rest of my life should be characterised by relationship building.  I had a great meeting with my Grade 4 and 5 PE teacher Bobby Nishi.  He connected with me all the ISEA Athletic Directors and elementary school teachers that lead Ultimate programs in Vancouver.  Couldn’t ask for a better connection than that.  I have gotten two responses from that email introduction so far and I need to start cultivating those into relationships that can be built upon in the future.  What also came from that meeting was an opportunity to start an Ultimate club at my old school, Stratford Hall.  I sent in a proposal and I am waiting to hear back from them.   It will be a fantastic opportunity to test out curriculum on younger kids (the club will be for Grade 1-4) and build my network and reputation with influential parents.

I have also reached out to multiple thought leaders in the Ultimate community.  I connected with Kyle Weisbrod who runs the Ultimate Leadership Camp in Seattle, has 23 years of Ultimate experience and writes articles for Ultiworld.  We had a fantastic chat about youth leadership in Ultimate and I will be implementing his ideas into my academy.

The last significant connection I’ve made is with a parent in North Vancouver named Sarah Neilson.  I, along with two friends, am running eight clinics for almost 30 home schooled kids from September to the end of October; another fantastic opportunity to build my curriculum and brand.

What has amazed me most on my journey so far is how open and willing people have been to help me make this academy a realty.  I firmly believe people are willing to help if you take the leap and ask.





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