10 Principles of Abundance

I’ve been starting to listen to podcasts on the bus.  It’s been a great alternative to music and I’ve learned some valuable lessons I am starting to apply to my life and business.  I encourage you to find what interests you but if you’re interested in business and personal development, I recommend  The Tim Ferriss Show, The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes and Entre Leadership.

The 10 principles of Abundance with Chris Lee on the School of Greatness podcast has been life changing.  I have listed some of the principles and lessons I’ve taken away from it but I highly recommend giving it a listen yourself.

First major note:  Abundance is not having a lot of things; that is prosperity. Abundance is a state of consciousness, a state of being.  It is having the mindset of gratitude with prosperity being the result. 

Second major note which I have been doing every day since I listened to the podcast: Wake up and say “Thank You”.  You arrived at another day and not everyone wakes up.  You have another opportunity to better yourself and the world.


Everything you put out comes back multiplied 10-fold.  Focus on utilising your strengths to help others without expecting anything in return.  Write a list of everything you’re proud of accomplishing to build self-worth and understand what you have to give and contribute.  I have personally struggled with not giving myself credit for accomplishments, either believing it was luck or not a big deal, and just moving onto the next thing instead of celebrating the victories.  You are allowed to be happy with your accomplishments and to celebrate them, especially small ones.

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Create goals and direction but don’t stay attached to the result.  By setting goals and going for them, you will become a better person and learn valuable lessons regardless if you actually meet the goal you set for yourself.  Another interesting point brought up in this principle is the dynamic between creating future goals and the mission to live in the present moment.  Chris explained it beautifully saying  by setting future goals, it gives the present more meaning and purpose.  You know exactly what you are working towards and why.  One exercise that Chris recommended is writing your 10 year goals as if they already happened.  Below are mine.

September 3, 2026

I am 30 years young and…

  1.  I travelled to Israel, Australia, Colombia, Japan, Germany, England, U.S.A. and Montreal to play and coach Ultimate
  2. UltiPros Ultimate Academy has made $1,000,000 in revenue and has branches in Vancouver, Surrey, Colombia and Montreal.
  3. I am fluent in Spanish and can hold a conversation with native speakers
  4. I hiked from Lytton to Whistler through the Stein Valley
  5. I own an apartment or basement suite in Vancouver
  6. I have meditated every day  for 20 minutes and have woken up saying “Thank you” since September 3, 2016
  7. I have a business/personal development blog with 10,000 followers
  8. I have published a book online and in print
  9. I have competed for Team Canada at U23 World Championships, World Games and Olympics
  10. I have completed my business and education degree at SFU with a GPA above 3.5

What does your list look like?  An interesting site the podcast suggested using for visualising your list of goals is dreamitalive.com.


This is the mindset that everything is up to you.  You are the source of everything.  You have to take responsibility for everything, even if it’s not your “fault.”  Even if someone cuts you off in traffic blatantly or rips you off in a business deal, it is your choice on how you react and how you move forward.


Choose your goal every day, not just once.


You will not have an abundance mindset overnight just by reading and listening to these principles.  I will not have one for a long time.  However, it starts with practising one principle at a time.  Be patient and let the results happen as they do.






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