The Beginning

I have officially started the journey of starting my own business.

I took the first step and I, slightly nervously at the beginning, but with increased confidence at the end, told my parents my decision.  More importantly, I told myself my decision.

Going into dinner; I had made up my mind.  There was no way I was going back to school in the fall and more importantly, there was no way I was going to play it safe and wait another semester to start my business.

So here I am, blogging on the night I told my parents a decision that will change my life forever.

I am going to blog about my journey for a few reasons.  The first is that while there are endless articles and books  about successful entrepreneurs writing about how they started their successful business, there is not a lot of material  (that I know of) that records the painful process of starting a business in real time.

With this blog, I will be recording my progress, what I am learning, and my struggles, both business and internal ones.  With this blog, not only will I be able to keep you informed and updated with the status of my business, I will also be able to keep myself accountable and in constant reflection.   Hopefully with this blog, if you are an aspiring entrepreneur, perhaps you can use my journey for both educational and inspirational reasons.


I have taken the first step in starting a successful business:  believing I can actually build a successful business. The next part is the hard part:  Persisting through the “no’s,” the self-doubt and all the obstacles that await me like a 20 foot wall of steel, waiting to prove that I cannot achieve success.

I know I can do this.  I am excited for what lays ahead.

Please share your entrepreneurial experiences or if you do not have any, kind, motivational words are encouraged.






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